New Patients

Your first visit to Advanced Ankle and Foot involves a few steps so that we can get to know you and your foot care needs. To understand what to expect, please read through this page.

Save yourself time and trouble by using our Patient Portal. If you click on the Patient Portal button and register yourself or sign in with a user name and password that you already have (one will be sent to you after you call to make your first appointment), you can complete all of your medical history online. This will significantly reduce the amount of required paperwork at the time of your first visit, you will be seen faster since we will be able to automatically upload the information you’ve entered, and in the future you will be able to access important health and account information. If you have questions regarding this service, please contact our office.

Insurance & Payment Information

Advanced Ankle and Foot is a provider for Medicare and most major insurance plans, and provides insurance billing. You are responsible for co-payments or charges that are not covered by your insurance. If you have questions regarding billing or which insurance plans we accept, please Contact Us. Questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits should be directed to your employer or insurance company.

Easy Pay

In an effort to make the necessary health care more immediately accessible for our patients, our office offers the option for patients to pay their deductibles over time through our Easy Pay program. By completing our consent form, your high balance can be broken down into smaller payments which are automatically charged to your credit card account until the account is settled. All credit card information is kept in the strictest confidence with only one office member having access to said information. In addition to completing this form, a valid  initial payment must be made on the date of the visit for no less than $50.00 using the same card which is to be used for all future payments. If you have further questions regarding our easy pay plan, please feel free to contact our office.

Patient Forms

If you wish you complete your patient history on paper, the sheet can be printed by clicking on the button below.

To allow our office to share your medical and billing information with other friends or family members, please complete our Permission to Discuss Health Information form.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. It is given to all new patients, and a copy is available upon request.